About Us


To help support and encourage the active for living a healthy lifestyle.

Where it all started


As keen sportspeople juggling our club sport and fitness lifestyle with work, family and friends, not only did we find our time was limited but the cost of kit, the right nutrition and equipment was starting to put a nasty dent in our bank accounts too. Knowing that there were many other friends, sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts in similar positions, we knew we could do something to help and make all of our lives that little bit easier.



We started Athlete Perks at the start of 2017 and after endless amounts of emails, calls and meetings, one after another, our favourite brands eventually agreed to come on board.



Fast forward three years and countless hours of emails and calls, we now support thousands of gym members and fitness enthusiasts all across the UK by giving them unprecedented access to amazing perks and benefits on the best health and fitness brands and services in the world!


We’ve made it our mission to support those all over the world who live an active, healthy life by partnering with some of the best brands and services out there for all areas of your lives. So whether you’re a serious athlete, mid-week runner, gym enthusiast or simply just starting out, we’re here to take the strain off your bank account so you can focus fully on achieving your goals, whatever they may be. There’s no fee or hidden charges and we don’t require your card details. If you’re a member of a gym, you can join us completely free of charge. It’s that simple.