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Which meal-prep options are right for you?

Which meal-prep options are right for you?
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You know the feeling. You get home from work, you’re tired, hungry and you need to prep dinner but you haven’t got a recipe and there’s no decent ingredients about for a tasty yet healthy meal.

It happens to all of us! Fortunately, there’s a number of amazing meal prep and food delivery kits to give you a helping hand and keep you on track.

They’re a fantastic and super convenient way to ensure you and your family are eating well and hitting your goals, but with loads of different companies offering slightly different versions, it can get a little tough to know which is best for you.

To help with that, we thought we’d give you the lowdown below so you can see which one’s are best suited to your tastes, lifestyles and dietary requirements.

We’ll kick things off with a couple of our favourites 👇🏼

Everything you need, just cook it!

For those of you who don’t fancy the shopping but are cool with the cooking.

Hello Fresh

Probably the OG’s of the recipe kit game 🔥

Hello Fresh provide you with everything you need to make delicious and nutritious evening meals throughout the week. Your box will be delivered each week on a delivery day of your choice and packed full with all the best, fresh ingredients and recipe cards so you can start making some insanely good evening meals right away 😁

It’s such a good feeling to come back from a hard day’s work knowing you don’t need to think too much about dinner. With your recipe along with all the ingredients there, ready for you to cook whenever, there’s no need for any more of those last-ditch shopping trips or makeshift meals to suffer through!

Key points;

📍Delivery slots 7 days a week to suit you.

📍Boxes to serve 2, 3 or 4 people.

📍Choose from 2 to 5 meals a week.

📍Select and/or change your menus to suit your dietarily requirements and style (veggie, meat, pescatarian, calories smart, protein rich, carb smart, no pork, no fish, quick-cook and family choice).

📍Huge amount of recipe choices with different cooking durations.

📍Cancel anytime.


Want to try Hello Fresh?

Green Chef

Perfect if you have specific dietary requirements.

Green Chef supplies a similar service to Hello Fresh but they’ve got a wider range of choice to suit those of you with specific dietary requirements.

We’re talking vegan, veggie, low-carb, balanced and even keto to name just a few. Everything is sent to you throughout the week on your chosen delivery day and filled with the tasty ingredients you need to cook up a delicious storm 🌩

To top that, all their ingredients come pre-measured, to significantly reduce food waste from overbuying and leftovers – big win 👍🏼

Key points;

📍They deliver five days a week: Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 8:00am and 7:00pm.

📍Serve 2 to 4 people.

📍Choose either 3 or 4 meals a week.

📍Huge amount of recipe choices with different cooking durations.


Mindful Chef

The recipe box with the highest quality ingredients going. All gluten and dairy-free ☺️

For those of you who only want to fuel your body with only fresh, seasonal produce and the highest-quality protein about, then Mindful Chef is the box for you. 

They focus exclusively on sustainability and high-quality ingredients with multiple health benefits. All of their meat is 100% grass-fed, their chicken is free-range, their fish landed in the UK and their vegetables are cultivated in the most natural way possible. 

There’s over 20 tasty recipes to choose from and they’ll even donate a school meal to a child in poverty for every meal you buy – we love that ❤️

Key points;

📍Highest quality meats like grass-fed Yorkshire beef, sustainably caught fish and veg.

📍All recipes are gluten and dairy-free.

📍They send you the precise ingredients for zero food waste.

📍Easy step-by-step instructions.

📍Recycled denim for insulation to keep ingredients cool.

📍One meal donated to a child in poverty for each one purchased.


Want to try Mindful Chef?

Like to shop yourself?

If a bit of shopping and cooking your own recipes is more up your street, then these amazing brands might be better suited 👇🏼

Good Club

Good club provides a new and sustainable way of shopping for groceries, with up to 30% off RRP 🙌🏼

You can effortlessly shop over 2,000 sustainable grocery products at up to 30% off RRP, from popular brands such as Oatly and Ecover, to more niche ranges including vegan and gluten-free options – honestly, they’re so so helpful!

How it works; 

📍Shop your groceries online with zero-waste staples in reusable pots along with 2,000+ of the best sustainable products about.

📍Your delivery arrives on your doorstep (no need to be home).

📍Put your sustainable products away and empty the zero waste pot contents into your own jars.

📍Leave your empties out and they’ll collect them the next day.

If you’re looking for a sustainable way of shopping for groceries for your meal prep, then Good Club is your choice.


Want to try Good Club?

Muscle Food

Your go-to for quality meat, meals and high-protein snacks

The team at Muscle Food are the home of high protein, healthy food. They’ll provide you with the best lean meats and supplements on the market so you can get all the nutrients and protein you need to excel at a cost-effective price.

With specially curated hampers, high-protein snacks, drinks and meal plans available, they’ll have you covered whatever your goal, and deliver it straight to your door whilst they’re at it 🎉

Key points;

📍Big range of high-protein lean meats.

📍Loads of high-protein snacks.

📍Meal plans that deliver results.

📍Leading quality & responsibly sourced.

📍Stress free & convenient.

📍Diverse range for every meal & snack.


Want to try Muscle Food?

All of these are incredibly useful in their own right and hopefully you’ll find the one that’s right for you!

Fortunately, you get access to any of them with a tasty little saving thanks to your membership with us 🥳

Say yes to food you actually want to put on the table and get started today!

Until next time,

Team Athlete Perks ✌🏼